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TI Town Books publishes engaging books for babies, toddlers, and young readers that feature health, education, and safety themes. Our beautifully designed books encourage children's development and confidence.
TI Town Books began with the goal of  publishing early learning books for babies, toddlers and young children. It was founded in 2016 by Martha Allen, whose passion for teaching  children about their health, education, safety, and supporting their social development through exciting, educational and engaging books led her to write the TI Town Book series.
  • Teaches children about health, education, and safety
  • Language development and social skills
  • Prepares children for daycare and pre-school routine
  • Teaches children how to engage with themselves and others.
  • Teaches children concepts including counting and colors
What does the TI Town Book series offer children:
Ti Town Books help parents and instructors have important conversations with young children.
Most people who have the privilege and responsibility of caring for children worry. We worry that their achieving appropriate development milestones. We worry about the safety of their environment. We want them to be treated respectfully and to treat others respectfully. The best thing we can do is inform them about their health, safety, and education.
Have the tough conversations with your children!
I have worked with children with disabilities, foster children, children that have been victims of domestic violence, and children that have been involved in criminality. I have seen first hand how awareness of resources and being informed about potential dangers empowers children to make safe decisions.

After working as a social worker for more than 30 years and becoming a grandparent, I felt compelled to create content that would allow me to support children in their development, introduce them to community resources, and help them avoid unsafe situations.
Martha Allen has worked to find reliable resources for all kinds of children as a case manager.
I really needed to teach my child to stop hitting, and I feared him being assaulted. "Good Touches and Bad Touches" helped me explain  these issues in a way that he was able to understand and gain confidence in.
Michelle Tillman
What Parents Say
She has really tapped into something with toddlers. My daughter loves that book. We have dozens of books. That's her favorite.
Katy Roberts
"Daycare Adventures," "Good Touches & Bad Touches," and "It's a No-No" available now for just $9.99.
Go on wonderful adventures with TI Town Books!
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Daycare Adventures
Daycare Adventures helps parents familiarize children with the idea of going to daycare while teaching them numbers and colors. In many ways it introduces children to networking as a way of encouraging their empowerment in unfamiliar circumstances and general social development.
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Good Touches & Bad Touches
Good Touches and Bad Touches teaches children safe and respectful ways to physically engage with themselves and others.
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It's a No, No!
It’s a No No! is intended to help parents and educators pre-emptively discourage children from behaviors that may endanger them.
  • Downloadable worksheets to review learning concepts
  • TI Town Coloring Pages
By buying now you get:
Order now and get exclusive bonus content for your little ones. Not only will your child enjoy our colorful engaging books, but they will learn how they can support their own safety and gain powerful social skills.
Our books include a diverse depiction of children and foster social awareness and confidence by informing them about educational concepts, safety principles, and community resources.
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